Victoria Square Belfast

Systems Installed

Contract value: £130,000

Hanna mechanical carried a total refurb to the basement restrooms which included,

Plumbing / Sanitary System

A new Cold Water Supply is taken off the existing valved supply in the water feature pump room. This is distributed to the toilets & wash hand basins in the ceiling voids.

Solenoid Valves are installed to shut-off the water supply to the Male & Female WC’s via ceiling mounted PIR’s which are controlled via the BMS. 

Hot water is supplied by local water heaters. These are located in the ceiling voids for the Male and Female WC’s, and behind access panels for the Disabled WCs. 

Sensor taps are installed in the Male and Female WC’s served via Thermostatic mixing valves under the trough basins. 

The Male & Female WCs have a soils system connected to a Sanicubic Pumping Station. This station then pumps the waste to an existing soil stack. It has on board controls but a fault status is also wired into the BMS system for remote monitoring. All other areas have a Saniflo pumping unit connecting to existing soil stacks as per the As Installed Drawings. 

The Changing places room has an Automatic WC, adjustable height wash hand basin, and a height adjustable changing table. There is also a hoist installed to move persons from one area to another with ease.

Ventilation Systems

A New twin extract fan was installed in the space behind the female WC’s. The ductwork associated with this connects to existing ductwork and terminates to the atmosphere. The fan is controlled via the BMS. Ductwork is distributed in the ceiling voids to the grilles in each of the areas. 

Sprinkler System

A new sprinkler system was installed to suit the revised layout of the Toilets. Flush mounted sprinkler heads are installed in all the areas, with a few void mounted sprinklers installed.