Stranmillis Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Systems Installed

Contract value: £75,000

This new build church included the following mechanical services

·          Natural Gas Installations – The primary source of thermal energy for the church is via natural gas. A new gas line was installed from the external meter under the main church floor to serve the 2no gas fired system boilers.

·          LTHW heating installation and controls – The heating for the building comprises of 2no gas fired wall hung system boilers. One of the boilers provides LTHW to the underfloor heating circuit and the other boiler provides LTHW to the radiator circuit. The underfloor heating is controlled by a wall mounted LCD display thermostat that can be adjusted to suit. The radiators have TRV valves fitted to them which can be adjusted to regulate heat output.

·          Extract Ventilation installations – the building has extract fans which are controlled via a PIR in the ceiling or a local controller which can be adjusted to suit conditions. 

·          Plumbing Installation .New domestic services installed through out the building to serve new toilet blocks, comercial kitchens, break out areas and a changing places room.